Cabana Sam's Restaurant Menu


The Mambo Combo
All of the favorites to share. Buffalo chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, tater tots, and pizza fingers. Served with marinara sauce and bleu cheese.   $17.99

Chips & Guac
Tortilla chips served with our house-made Guacamole. GF.  $9.99

Pan-fried tortilla stuffed with a combination of Monterrey Jack & cheddar cheeses, diced tomatoes, black olives, jalapeno peppers, sour cream, and salsa.   $9.99
Add grilled chicken breast for $4.99 extra.

Chicken Fingers
Breaded chicken tenderloins served Buffalo style – mild, medium, or hot. Served with french fries and bleu cheese.   $15.99

Cabana Crab Cakes
Made with real crab meat. Served with Remoulade & cocktail sauce.   $12.99

Loaded Fries or Tots
Seasoned cross fries or tater tots loaded with bacon, cheddar cheese, sour cream, and diced scallions.   $11.99

Chicken Wings
Mild, medium, or hot…add $1.00 for BBQ, Cajun, or Cajun BBQ. All served with bleu cheese, carrots, and celery. GF.   Single order (10) $14.49 |  Double order (20) $26.99

Nachos Supreme
Nacho chips piled high and topped with cheddar cheese, tomato, onion, jalapeños, and black olives. Served with a side of sour cream and salsa.   $11.99   Add grilled chicken breast or beef for an extra $4.99.

Pizza Fingers
Breaded “pizza” fingers made with mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce, and pepperoni. Rolled up and served with a side of marinara sauce.   $12.99

Loaded Antipasto Pretzel 

Oversized soft pretzel topped with a variety of Italian deli meats, chunk cheeses, olives, and peppers. Big enough for all to share!  $20.99

Mozzarella Sticks
Served with a side of marinara sauce.   $9.99

Basket of Fries or Tots
Crispy battered fries.    $3.99
Add cheese for $.75 extra.

Cabana Chips & Dip

Basket of our house-made seasoned potato chips served with Bison French Onion Dip $6.49

Bam Bam Shrimp 

Fried shrimp tossed in our sweet and tangy Bam Bam sauce with a little bit of heat.   $15.49

Tater Tot Tornado

A twister full of tots! Seasoned tater tots served one of the three ways… Sea Salt & Pepper, Garlic Parm, Buffalo Style with dipping sauces. $NA GF

Skin Divers

Homemade potato skins topped with cheddar cheese and bacon with sour cream on the side.  $10.49 GF

Fried Calamari 
Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Served with cocktail sauce.  N/A

Caribbean Coconut Shrimp 
Jumbo shrimo rolled in a delicious coconut batter and lightly fried. Served with pine colada sauce.  $10.99

Pickles & Rings
Battered Kosher pickles fried served with beer battered onion rings and ranch dressing.  $11.29

Soft Pretzel Sticks 
Baked soft pretzel sticks served with beer cheese and honey mustard dipping sauce. $9.99 GF

Sam’s Clams
On the half shell or steamers.  $9.99  (half dozen) $18.99 (dozen)

Clams Casino $12.99  (half dozen)

Onion Ring Basket 
Served with Horseradish dipping sauce.  $5.99

Meatball Grande

Our Villaggio Italiano extra-large meatball with beef, veal, pork, cheese and spices. Topped with Villaggio House Sweet Red Sauce, ricotta cheese and served with garlic bread. $8.00 


California Cobb Salad

Seasonal greens topped with grilled chicken breast, avocado, bacon, tomatoes, egg, and crumbly bleu cheese.   $17.99

Apple Walnut Salad
A great summer salad! Fresh greens with apple slices, Craisins, toasted walnuts, and mandarin oranges. Served with maple vinaigrette dressing.   $10.99
Add grilled chicken breast for $4.99 extra.

Pittsburgh Salad
Seasonal greens topped with your choice of marinated steak or grilled chicken. Topped with cross fries and cheeses. Served with warm Riviera dressing.   $15.99

Mango Grouper Salad
Blackened grouper fillet topped with mango salsa, served over fresh greens with pepper-jack cheese, and served with mango vinaigrette dressing.   $16.99

Cabana Sam’s Caesar
Romaine lettuce tossed with croutons, creamy Caesar dressing and fresh parmesan cheese. $10.99

Add grilled shrimp or chicken for $4.99

Soup of the Day
Bowl $4.99 Cup $3.99

Dinner Salad
Mixed greens with your choice of dressing.   $3.99

Bowl of Crab Bisque
Housemade, creamy bisque with real crab meat.  Bowl $5.99 Cup $4.99



Burgers are served with seasoned fries or tater tots. Substitute a dinner salad for only $1.25
Sandwiches are served with our homemade Sunset seasoned chips. Substitute seasoned french fries or tater tots for $1.25
Gluten-free sandwich roll available for $1 extra

Steak & “Seaweed” Sandwich
Okay, it’s not really seaweed! Shaved Sirloin steak topped with sautéed spinach, onions, and melted Monterrey Jack cheese. Served on a toasted garlic roll with bleu cheese.   $15.99

Island Grouper Sandwich
Tasty blackened grouper fillet with lettuce and tomato then topped with our mango mayo. Served on a Costanzo hoagie roll.   $15.99

Crab Cake Po’ Boy Hoagie
A classic southern favorite! Our Cabana Sam’s Crab Cakes served on a Costanzo hoagie roll with lettuce, tomato, onion, and Remoulade sauce.   $16.99  Add cheese for $0.50

French Dip Sandwich
Tender, slow-cooked roast beef with sautéed mushrooms and onions. Topped with melted provolone and served on a hoagie roll with au jus sauce.    $14.49

The Beach Club
Triple decker combo of turkey breast with bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Topped with mayo.   $11.99

Beef on Weck
Our own slow-roasted and seasoned roast beef served hot on a ‘weck roll with a side of horseradish and au jus.   $12.99

The Grouper Reuben
Blackened grouper fillet with coleslaw, melted Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing on grilled rye bread.   $13.99

The Reubens

Your choice of turkey breast piled high with coleslaw or lean corned beef and sauerkraut, melted sauerkraut, melted swiss cheese, and Russian dressing on grilled rye bread. $13.99

Sunset Supreme Steak Sandwich
Shaved Sirloin covered with melted mozzarella and cheddar cheeses. Topped with sautéed peppers & onions and served on a hoagie roll.   $15.99

The Stinger Hoagie
Costanzo’s hoagie roll stuffed with chicken fingers tossed in our wing sauce, shaved prime rib, sautéed peppers and onions and served on a hoagie roll.   $NA

Charbroiled Chicken Breast Sandwich
Choose original or BBQ, Cheddar, and Bacon all served on a rustic artisan roll. one of our specialties all served on a rustic artisan roll.
Original Charbroiled $11.99  |  BBQ, Cheddar, and Bacon $12.99

Chipotle Black Bean “Burger”
A delicious, meat-free burger alternative that is gluten-free and vegetarian. Served on a rustic artisan roll with pepper jack cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, and garlic mayo.   $11.99

Half Pound Burger
A half-pound of beef grilled the way you like it. Served with lettuce, tomato, and onion.   $12.99
Add your choice of cheese for $0.50 extra. Add bacon for $1.00 extra.

BBQ Bacon Burger

Our juicy half-pound burger topped with American Cheese, tangy BBQ sauce, and crisp bacon. $15.49

Cheeseburger in Paradise
We take our half-pound and top it with bleu cheese, melted cheddar, and bacon, and then we “run it through the garden.”   $16.99

Buffalo Bleu Burger
Buffalo wing flavor on a burger… half-pound burger covered in our wing sauce, made with Frank’s Original Red Hot Sauce, and topped with crumbly bleu cheese.   $15.49

Sunrise Burger
Breakfast and a burger.. all in one! Our half-pound burger with American and provolone cheese, crispy bacon, and then topped with a sunny-side up fried egg.  N/A

The “O.R.B.” 
Which stands for Onion Ring Burger. Our half-pound burger topped with melted swiss cheese, crispy onion rings, lettuce, and tomato. Then finished with our house-made horseradish sauce.  $15.99



Served Daily after 4 pm
Add a salad to any entree for just $1.50

Gluten-Free penne pasta available for $1 extra

Ultimate Fisherman’s Platter
A platter full of favorites! Fried wild Alaskan cod fillet, Maryland crab cake, and fried shrimp. Served with french fries and coleslaw.   $25.99

Sesame Jack Chicken Strips
Crispy fried chicken strips with toasted sesame seeds in a BBQ bourbon glaze. Served with fries and coleslaw.   $15.99

The SunSetter Steak
A tender and tasty 10-ounce hanger steak seasoned with our sunset spices and cooked to your liking.   $27.99

Add grilled shrimp skewers for $4.99 GF

Grouper Platter
A large, tender grouper fillet prepared with Cajun, Blackened, or Lemon-Pepper spices and served with choice of potato and daily vegetable.  $16.99  GF

Fish & Chips
Wild Alaskan cod fillets deep-fried and served with crispy french fries and coleslaw.   $16.99

Fettuccine Alfredo
A generous portion of pasta topped in our homemade Alfredo sauce.   $13.99
Add chicken & broccoli for $4.99 extra.

Bourbon Glazed Hanger Steak
Hanger steak, also called the ‘butcher’s steak,’ is a tender and flavorful steak that we glaze with our own special Jim Beam bourbon sauce. Topped with sauteed mushrooms and onions. Served with choice of potato and daily vegetable.   N/A

Add shrimp skewers for N/A

Shrimp in a Basket
Fried shrimp served with french fries, coleslaw, and a side of cocktail sauce. Also available Buffalo-style.   $18.49

Smothered Grouper Platter 
Large blacked groupers fillet topped with melted cheese and sautéed mushrooms, peppers and onions. Choice of potatoes or rice pilaf.  $19.99 GF

Cabana Sam’s Fish Fry (served every Friday and Saturday)

A large portion of haddock deep-fried, Parmesean broiled, Italian broiled or lemon-pepper broiled. Served with french fries, coleslaw, and potato salad. $11.99 fried or $12.99 broiled.




Substitute a house salad, seasoned french fries or Tater Tots for $1.50

Gluten-Free roll available for $1 extra

Bacon Chicken Ranch Panini
Grilled chicken topped with crisp bacon, cheddar cheese, and ranch dressing. Grilled on panini bread.   $14.49

California Chicken Wrap
Grilled chicken, crispy bacon, shredded Monterrey Jack cheese, and sliced avocado topped with garlic mayo and served in a wheat tortilla.   $13.99

Turkey Club Melt
Sliced turkey, crisp bacon, cheddar cheese, and tomato. Topped with mayo and grilled on panini bread.   $12.99

The Beach Burrito
Spicy taco meat, cheddar, and Monterrey Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, salsa, and sour cream. Served in a cheddar jalapeno wrap.   $12.99

Fajita Grill Wrap
Your choice of marinated steak or chicken, cheddar cheese, fried peppers and onions, lettuce, tomato, salsa, and sour cream. Served in a cheddar jalapeno wrap.   $13.99

Buffalo Wrap
Cheddar jalapeno wrap filled with lightly breaded chicken tenderloins, lettuce, tomato, and our spicy bleu cheese sauce.   $11.99

Crazy Turkey Wrap
Grilled wheat tortilla with sliced turkey, Craisins, glazed walnuts, romaine lettuce, mozzarella cheese, and cranberry mayo $13.99

Portobello Mushroom Melt 
Large marinated portobello mushroom topped with chopped spinach, roasted red peppers, provolone cheese and garlic mayo. Grilled on panini bread.  $14.49

Fiesta Fish Burrito
Cajun-broiled haddock in a cheddar jalapeno wrap stuffed with shredded lettuce, pepper jack cheese, southwest coleslaw and pico de gallo.  $12.49